Our Core Services

Perfect Solutions Partners calls on combinations of talents to provide the following core services

  • End-to-End ICT Infrastructure designing, deploying, monitoring and support
  • ICT equipments and Software sales
  • System Analysis and Database Designing and Programming
  • Web based application Development particularly using Content Management Systems




End-to-End ICT Infrastructure designing, deploying, monitoring and support

Responsible for Infrastructure design and implementation.

The main duties of this section are:

  • Prepare Terms of reference to identify the tasks at hand
  • Follow up the standardization of the infrastructure  implementations process
  • Prepare reports to management body as a decision support
  • Prepare the logical and physical design of the Infrastructure network
  • Implement the Infrastructure network


System study and development sections

This section will handle the integrated information system development and Web application development and hosting tasks. It will either develop a system tailored to the user requirements or supply from off-the-shelf. Some of the functions of this section are:

  • Study the system to be developed
  • Design the system
  • Develop the system according to the system design
  • Test and implement the system


Maintenance and Troubleshooting Division

Responsible for carrying out the system trouble shooting and maintenance activities of the organization. Its main functions are:

  • Identify the problems occurred on the system and record the failure on the maintenance database.
  • Troubleshoot the cause of the failure and apply the necessary measure to repair or replace the problematic component.
  • Schedule preventive maintenance and carry out every four(4) months
  • Any similar tasks assigned by the supervisor


ICT Equipments and Software Sales Division

Handles office and IT sales of the company. It is responsible to bring the latest and most advanced technologies to the clients. Some of the responsibilities of this division are:

  • Make available at the IT components that require frequent supplies
  • Make the stock items up to date with the latest technologies.



Facilities and Workshop

PSP has a multi function workshop with all the necessary tools and maintenance equipments. We have a workshop (In partnership)  for office equipments (printers, photocopy machines, scanners, fax machines…) this workshop is specialized and dedicated to maintain faulty office equipments and parts replacement for. The second workshop is for computers and the peripheral device maintenance room and other services, this room is equipped with latest software and drivers for devices and it is responsible for preventive and corrective maintenance of the machines.